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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hubris Towers is Big News

So I'm really excited today.

Hubris Towers: A new comedy series for fans of P. G. Wodehouse and <i>Fawlty Towers</i>.
This is our story! We wrote this thing.

My friend Ben Y. Faroe who blogs here, and I have been working on a "side project" which has proved so much fun that it has been consistently edging out a whole bunch of our other creative work. Hubris Towers is an episodic story which we will be releasing in regular novelette sized chunks (episodes) which build to a series of eight episode seasons.

The entire series is contemporary comedy. Ben describes it as a comedy of manners meeting a comedy of errors. I see it as the inevitable result of our collective obsession with P.G. Wodehouse (think Jeeves and Wooster), Terry Pratchett (think Johnny and the Bomb), and Monty Python (think everything Monty Python has ever done) crashing headlong into our shared bemusement with modern life.

And now I get to tell you that it we are finished with the first episode and are getting ready for an official in the tantalizingly near future. Get ready to meet a host of ridiculous, endearing, provocative characters straight out of our collective insanity.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Meanwhile in Another Part of the Web

This is Luke,
with glasses
This is me,
with a pipe
In case any of you have been wondering about my take on the first three letters of the LGBT acronym, I have been discussing that in a conversation with Luke Geraty (a far more orthodox member of the Vineyard - our shared Christian tradition) over at his site Think Theology. We are currently at the halfway point in our six post series A Conversation on Homosexuality & the Church, so it seems like a good time to point it out. The three posts are:

Framing the Conversation

Arsenekoitai and Malakoi

Romans One

We are always thrilled when more people enter the discussion so please don't hesitate to comment on any of the posts or if you prefer a slightly smaller audience, leave a comment here.